Seen by millions, will Uganda Kony video matter?

Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:28pm GMT

* "Kony 2012" video goes viral, seen by more than 77 million

* Publicity may influence policy-making, but impact limited.

* video also sparks criticism, seen part of new wider trend

By Peter Apps, Political Risk Correspondent

LONDON, March 14 (Reuters) - A YouTube video gone viral has propelled Joseph Kony, leader of Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army, back onto the agenda, entrenching his position at the top of the list of the world's most wanted men.

But how long the current spike of interest will last is far from clear. Hits on the video appeared to have fallen sharply in recent days, while the charity has also found itself on the receiving end of a savage backlash.

Produced by U.S.-based group " Invisible Children", "Kony 2012" has scored more than 77 million hits in less than a week.

With others watching on other sites including the charity's own, the true total may be higher still.   Continued...

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