TABLE-Japan electricity cost estimate by power source

Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:36am GMT

TOKYO, Dec 14 (Reuters) - Following is the estimated
cost of electricity by power source in Japan, compiled by a
government panel this week.	
    The data will be taken into account when Japan decides its
new energy policy next year following the Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear plant radiation disaster.	
    The panel, under the National Policy Unit, on Tuesday
estimated that nuclear power would cost at least 8.9 yen (11
U.S. cents) per kilowatt hour (kwh) of electricity generated, up
51 percent or more from its last cost assessment of 5.9 yen in
    The new estimate of 8.9 yen takes into account nearly 6
trillion yen of damages from a severe atomic accident like the
Fukushima disaster, but the figure would rise to 10.2 yen if the
costs from such an incident swelled to 20 trillion yen, the
panel said.	
    The Japanese government is now leading debate on how to
retreat from nuclear power in the long run while ensuring the
safety of existing reactors. 	
               Type    2004          2010           2030
            Nuclear     5.9  at least 8.9   at least 8.9
               Coal     5.7       9.5-9.7      10.8-11.0
                Gas     6.2     10.7-11.1      10.9-11.4
                Oil    16.5     36.0-37.6      38.9-41.9
        Wind (Land)     n/a      9.9-17.3       8.8-17.3
    Wind (Offshore)     n/a      9.4-23.1       8.6-23.1
  Solar (household)     n/a     33.4-38.3       9.9-20.0
 Solar (mega solar)     n/a     30.1-45.8      12.1-26.4
  (Units: Yen per kwh)	
($1 = 77.8450 Japanese yen)	
 (Reporting by Osamu Tsukimori)
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