FACTBOX-Mohamed ElBaradei: Opposition leader and diplomat

Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:44am GMT

Jan 31 (Reuters) - Mohamed ElBaradei has offered to act as transitional leader to prepare Egypt for democratic elections. [nLDE70T0KT]

Here are some facts about the 68-year-old:


-- ElBaradei returned to Egypt in Feb. 2010 to an exuberant welcome from supporters who hoped he would stir up Egyptian politics by running for president in 2011. Days after retiring from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), ElBaradei had said a decision on entering the presidential race would depend on guarantees of a fair election.

-- He laid out some conditions for mounting a campaign, including a demand for a new constitution that would better respect human rights and put checks on power.

-- Last June he called on supporters to campaign for a change in the constitution to allow a democratic succession to President Hosni Mubarak. Up to 3,500 Egyptians rallied in Fayoum, south of Cairo, to support him.

-- He said in September 2010 that the leadership of the country would change in the next year and called for a boycott of parliamentary polls last November as they would be rigged.

-- ElBaradei said last week it was time for Mubarak to go. On Jan. 30, ElBaradei put pressure on the United States to support calls for Mubarak to step down, saying "life support to the dictator" must end and dismissed U.S. calls for Mubarak to enact sweeping reform in response to the mass protests.   Continued...

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