Burger King to stop buying palm oil from SMART

Thu Sep 2, 2010 3:38pm GMT

Peatlands release enormous amounts of climate-warming greenhouse gases when disturbed.

"We believe the report has raised valid concerns about some of the sustainability practices of Sinar Mas' palm oil production and its impact on the rainforest. These practices are inconsistent with our corporate responsibility commitments," Burger King announced on its Facebook page on Thursday.

"As a result, we have decided we will no longer purchase palm oil from Sinar Mas or its subsidiaries."

SMART said in a statement on its website it was disappointed with Burger King's decision.

"We hope to welcome them back as customers soon. We are confident that Burger King's decision does not represent the view of the majority of our customers," the statement said.

"We have made mistakes, but these are not to the extent that it has been made out to be," the company said. "We have also made clear that where mistakes were made, we have taken the necessary action to ensure that this is not repeated."

(Editing by Jane Baird)

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