UK can purge all carbon emissions by 2030-report

Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:12am GMT

* Britain can cut 90 percent emissions, capture the rest

* Includes tough steps, does not consider gap in investment

LONDON, June 16 (Reuters) - Britain can eliminate all its carbon emissions by 2030 by overhauling its power supply, national diet and transport, a report by the UK's Centre for Alternative Technology said on Wednesday.

The blueprint to fight climate change did not require a "hair shirt, survivalist rejection of modernity," said author Rob Hopkins, founder of Britain's Transition Towns movement.

"At least one set of policy options ... exists to eliminate carbon emissions whilst simultaneously enhancing our quality of life," said co-author, Graham Parkhurst of the Centre for Transport and Society.

Suggestions which may struggle for public acceptance, however, included a halving or more of food imports, replacement of short-haul flights with buses and trains, and a 70-80 percent cut in consumption of livestock products, which are associated with emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

Such measures could win public acceptance through canny communication and "social marketing tools".

The 400-page, "Zero Carbon Britain 2030" report argued that Britain should take a lead in fighting climate change as one of the world's first nations to undergo industrialisation.   Continued...

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