Q+A-Will other N.African states go way of Egypt and Tunisia?

Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:46am GMT

By Christian Lowe and Souhail Karam

ALGIERS/RABAT Feb 16 (Reuters) - After popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, what about the other three countries in the turbulent swathe of land along Africa's northern coast?

Analysts are now scrutinising whether Libya, Algeria or Morocco could be the next domino to fall.

The three have much in common with Egypt and Tunisia: They are part of the Arab world, they have large populations of unemployed young people, entrenched leaderships and opposition movements which say it is time for a transition to democracy.

Sustained uprisings in Algeria and Libya, in particular, could have far-reaching implications for the world economy because both are major oil and gas exporters.

But there are also many reasons to believe the unrest will not spread further through north Africa. Here are some questions and answers on the prospects of a revolt happening elsewhere:


Probably not. The events in Tunis and Cairo certainly increased pressure on the Algerian government. Civil society groups, small trade unions and minor political parties have joined forces to press for a change of ruler -- the first time this kind of opposition coalition has existed in two decades. Algeria was rocked by food riots at the start of the year and there have been small political protests.   Continued...

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