Reid hopeful for GOP energy votes after elections

Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:53pm GMT

Still, Reid was hopeful some Republican senators may have more freedom to vote for the bill after the elections in which they may regain control.

"We are bound to come back on a lame duck and we are going to continue working on it," he said about the bill. "We will see if we can come up with something before the end of the year."

After the Senate returns from recess on Sept. 13, it will have four weeks before breaking again for the elections. During that time energy will vie with other big-ticket items such as military funding and tax policy.

Adding a Renewable Energy Standard back to the bill could help bring some Republican support the bill.

Reid said he had two Republican senators who would be willing to consider voting for a bill that had a RES in it.

Within the next week he will set a time to speak to those senators, Reid said. He did not say how many Republican or Democratic senators could be lost by adding a RES to the legislation.

There was little chance cap-and-trade would make it back into the bill, however. "It doesn't appear so at this stage," Reid said.

(Reporting by Timothy Gardner; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

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