FACTBOX-US, Saudi dominate Yemen security help

Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:35pm GMT

President Ali Abdullah Saleh relies heavily on Saudi financial aid. Saudi Arabia is believed to spend more than $1 billion in annual official help to his government, analysts say, with Saudi non-governmental bodies and individuals contributing hundreds of millions of dollars more to private recipients.


General David Petraeus, the head of U.S. Central Command, said on Jan. 1 that in 2010 the United States would more than double its nearly $70 million 2009 security aid programme for Yemen, a move that would bring the total to about $140 million.

Washington has sharply increased training, intelligence and military equipment provided to Yemeni forces, helping them carry out air raids against suspected al Qaeda hideouts in December.

The Pentagon's main publicly disclosed counter-terrorism programme for Yemen grew from $4.6 million in fiscal 2006 to $67 million in fiscal 2009. That figure does not include covert, classified assistance that the United States has provided.

In June 2009, the Defense Department notified Congress of a significant obligation of so-called 1206 DOD funds for various Yemeni security forces for the U.S. financial year 2009.

Section 1206 Authority is a Department of Defense account designed to provide equipment, supplies, or training to foreign national military forces doing counter-terrorist operations.

The new DOD 1206 obligations included:   Continued...

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