FACTBOX-Protests in Middle East, North Africa

Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:06pm GMT

March 27 (Reuters) - Here are details of some of the rebellions, protests and rallies against authoritarian leaders which have deposed the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt.

* LIBYA: Libyan rebels on Sunday took back control of the town of Bin Jawad, east of the capital Tripoli, and said they would push on towards leader Muammar Gaddafi's stronghold of Sirte.

-- On March 26, rebels won back the strategic town of Ajdabiyah. The rebels' advance is a rapid reversal of two weeks of losses and suggests that Western air strikes are turning battlefield dynamics in their favour.

-- Libya has tipped into a political vacuum since the uprising against Gaddafi began in mid February with initial protests in Benghazi.

* SYRIA - President Bashar al-Assad deployed the army for the first time in nearly two weeks of protests after 12 people were killed in the northwest port of Latakia on March 26.

-- In the city of Deraa more than 55 people are believed to have been killed in a week of protests, Amnesty International said on March 25.

-- In an attempt to placate protesters, Assad freed 260 prisoners on March 26, and 16 more on Sunday.

-- He also made a rare public pledge to implement reforms, such as "studying" an end to emergency law and proposing draft laws that would grant greater freedoms in the media and the formation of political parties.

-- Protesters did not seem to be mollified by the promises and in Deraa, called for the "downfall of the regime".   Continued...

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