UK planes hit ammunition dumps in Libya -ministry

Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:13pm GMT

LONDON, March 28 (Reuters) - British Tornado aircraft attacked and destroyed Libyan government ammunition bunkers in the Sabha area of the southern desert in the early hours of Monday, the Defence Ministry said.

"Storm Shadow missiles were launched against ammunition bunkers used to re-supply Libyan government troops attacking civilians in the north of the country, including Misrata," it said in a statement.

"Initial reports suggest that the bunkers have been destroyed and that the Libyan government has been denied ammunition it uses to threaten civilians in the north of the country."

The ministry said the Tornados, refuelled en route, conducted strike missions from a base in Britain.

Earlier, the Libyan state news agency Jana said Western forces had hit the southern Libyan city of Sabha at dawn, causing several casualties. (Reporting by Stefano Ambrogi; editing by Andrew Dobbie)

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