REUTERS POLL TREND-Australia's Rudd could be one-term PM

Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:24am GMT

By James Grubel

CANBERRA, June 10 (Reuters) - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd could become the first, one-term Australian prime minister since 1932, with voter support falling to its lowest level since his election in 2007, pointing to a cliffhanger poll later this year.

The Reuters Poll Trend shows Rudd's Labor government holds an insignificant 0.4 point lead on a two-party basis, compared with a commanding 23 point lead in March 2008.

If the opinion polls were reflected on election day, which is expected in October, Rudd could become the first prime minister to lose power after one term since Jim Scullin lost in 1932 in the wake of the Great Depression.

"Kevin Rudd is in more trouble than the early settlers," Monash University analyst Nick Economou told Reuters.

"He now needs the goodwill of voters in marginal seats, and favourable preference deals with the Greens, to have any chance of winning a second term." Click for Rudd Newsmaker [nSGE656018]


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