FACTBOX-Precious metals holdings of exchange-traded products

Mon Jun 6, 2011 4:10pm GMT

 LONDON, June 6 (Reuters) - Holdings of silver in
exchange-traded funds witnessed their largest monthly outflow this year in May, while the
price of silver fell by more than 25 percent in its biggest monthly fall in almost three
 The silver products listed below saw outflows of over 46 million ounces in May, worth
around $1.720 billion at today's prices, bringing total holdings of the metal to their lowest
level this year.
 Gold products saw outflows of 613,610.60 ounces last month, worth $10.31 billion at
today's prices. Most of the decline took place in the first half of the month, as the gold
price fell in line with a sharp sell-off across the commodies complex.
 Exchange-traded funds, the most widely recognised type of ETP, back each security issued
with physical stocks of a given commodity, creating a product they say is free from
counterparty risk.
 Following is a list of the main exchange-traded products backed with precious metals, and
their holdings.
NAME                                       COMMODITY     HOLDINGS     DATE       % CHG ORIGIN
GOLD                                                         (OZ)                  (M/M)
SPDR Gold Trust (GLD: Quote)                      Gold       38,926,644    31/05/2011   -1.54  U.S.
ETF Securities gold funds (excluding U.S.) Gold       8,352,434     31/05/2011   -1.47  UK
ZKB Physical Gold (ZGLD.S: Quote)                 Gold       6,286,363     31/05/2011    0.05  Swiss
COMEX Gold Trust (IAU: Quote)                     Gold       4,424,241     31/05/2011    2.54  U.S.
Julius Baer Physical Gold Fund**           Gold       3,006,003     31/05/2011    1.68  Swiss
NewGold ETF (GLDJ.J: Quote)                       Gold       1,535,330     31/05/2011   -3.47  S.Af
Sprott Physical Gold Trust PHYu.TO       Gold       1,037,605     31/05/2011    0.01  Canada
ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares (SGOL.P: Quote)   Gold       899,200       31/05/2011    0.00
TOTAL                                                 64,467,820

iShares Silver Trust (SLV: Quote)                 Silver    319,621,250.9  31/05/2011   -9.80  U.S.
ZKB Physical Silver (ZSIL.S: Quote)               Silver     67,673,305.7  31/05/2011   -4.90  Swiss
ETF Securities silver funds (ex-US)        Silver     26,707,473.4  31/05/2011  -13.00  UK
Sprott Physical Silver Trust PHSu.TO     Silver     22,298,540.0  31/05/2011     0.0  Canada
ETFS Physical Silver Shares (SIVR.P: Quote)       Silver     17,804,969.9  31/05/2011  -12.00  U.S.
Julius Baer Physical Silver Fund           Silver     11,803,755.8  31/05/2011   -7.30  Swiss
TOTAL                                                465,909,295.7

ETF Securities Platinum funds (ex-U.S.)    Platinum      454,846.20 31/05/2011   -6.63  UK
ETFS Physical Platinum Shares (PPLT.P: Quote)     Platinum      431,557.00 31/05/2011   -2.27  U.S.
ZKB Physical Platinum (ZPLA.S: Quote)             Platinum      364,004.30 31/05/2011   -0.90  Swiss
TOTAL                                                   1,250,407.50

ETF Securities Palladium funds (ex-U.S.)   Palladium     583,278.60 31/05/2011   -8.27  UK
ETFS Physical Palladium Shares (PALL.P: Quote)    Palladium   1,011,928.20 31/05/2011   -3.36  U.S.
ZKB Physical Platinum (ZPAL.S: Quote)             Palladium     432,769.10 31/05/2011   -2.18  Swiss
TOTAL                                                  2,027,975.90
 The figures above are those reported to Reuters by the organisations involved by telephone
or email on the date shown, or those that are publicly available on their websites.
 * ZKB physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium funds are fully backed by physical
precious metal and investors are entitled to physical delivery of them.
 ** Shareholders in the Julius Baer Gold fund can elect to hold "A class" shares, which are
fully backed by physical gold. Investors in that class are entitled to physical delivery of
the precious metal. Investors may also elect to hold "AX" class shares, which are fully backed
by physical gold. Investors in that class are not entitled to physical delivery of the
precious metal.
 *** Month-on-month changes are calculated from the last working day of one month to the
last working day of the next. This may differ from the last actual day of the month.
 (Compiled by Amanda Cooper; editing by James Jukwey)

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