FEATURE-South Sudan takes final steps toward statehood

Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:46pm GMT

* New national anthem being taught in capital

* Official says a new currency likely to be delayed

* 34 embassies to open, passports on their way

By Jeremy Clarke

JUBA, Sudan, June 29 (Reuters) - Stephen Lugga's office is a converted cargo container. An air conditioner rattles away while the undersecretary for telecommunications does his bit to get South Sudan ready for independence on July 9.

With days to go before the south splits from the north, his tasks include registering a domain for websites and securing an international dialling code to differentiate it from the north which will keep Sudan's existing +249 number.

"We want our domain name to be 'SS' for 'South Sudan', but people are telling us 'SS' has an association in Europe with Nazis," Lugga told Reuters as dogs chased a monkey round a muddy field outside, which is full of containers and prefabricated buildings like his that house other ministry offices.

"Some might prefer us to have a different one," Lugga said. "We have applied for it anyway, SS, and we are waiting for a reply."   Continued...

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