Morocco softens line against pro-democracy protests

Mon Jun 6, 2011 7:11am GMT

"Martyr rest, will continue fighting," they chanted.

An interior ministry source told Reuters the authorities denied the man's death was related to the protest, one of several demonstrations that took place in Moroccan towns that day.

The source said the death certificate showed that Amari had died of cardiac arrest and respiratory failure. The attorney-general had ordered an inquiry and an autopsy would now be carried out.

Dozens of injuries have been reported as a result of street demonstrations that have taken place at weekly intervals in the north African kingdom in recent months.

The political landscape in the kingdom is dominated by a powerful dynasty that has ruled for 350 years.

In the latest round of protests on May 29, security forces used batons against demonstrators in several places.

Protest organiser Ouihi said the February 20 movement, a loose coalition of secularists, leftists, Islamists and independents, was planning similar demonstrations next weekend.

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