FACTBOX-Egyptians want more Islam in politics - poll

Wed Feb 2, 2011 4:57pm GMT

PARIS Feb 2 (Reuters) - Egyptians want Islam to play a large role in politics, reject radical Islamists and think democracy is the best political system, according to poll data collected in Muslim countries last year.

The data, published by the U.S.-based Pew Research Center in December, gives an idea of Egyptian public opinion before the current protests there broke out.

Collected in April and May of last year for Pew's Global Attitudes Project, the report described Muslim attitudes about religion in politics in seven countries -- Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.

A sample group of 1,000 was surveyed in face-to-face interviews. Here are the data for Egyptian responses:


-- Is it good that Islam plays a large role in politics? 95 percent said "yes" and 2 percent "bad."

-- Is Islam's influence in politics positive or negative? 85 percent said "positive," 2 percent said "negative."

-- How much of a role does Islam play in Egyptian politics now? 48 percent said "large" and 49 percent said "small."   Continued...

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