Oddly Enough


Mexican firm sorry for royally selling president short Thursday, 2 Jul 2015

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - It could have been the height of diplomatic embarrassment for Mexico's president.  Full Article

No sweat? Colombia turns to lie detectors to tackle government graft Thursday, 2 Jul 2015 

BOGOTA (Reuters) - Colombia's government plans to carry out lie detector tests on senior civil servants who allocate contracts to private companies as it tries to clamp down on widespread corruption and embezzlement of public funds.  Full Article  

Meditating Portuguese actor mistaken for terrorist on Paris plane Thursday, 2 Jul 2015 

LISBON (Reuters) - A Portuguese actor humming a prayer as he meditated to a sacred Tibetan text onboard a plane awaiting takeoff from Paris was mistaken for a terrorist by alarmed passengers and taken off the flight by police.  Full Article  

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