Oddly Enough

Swiss group wants sausage dogs to be petted, not eaten Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014

ZURICH (Reuters) - An animal rights group has petitioned the Swiss government to ban a traditional, if rare, practise of eating cats for dinner and turning dogs into sausages.  Full Article

Mac and Cheese beak-to-beak in contest for Obama turkey pardon Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama is set to announce Wednesday afternoon whether Mac or Cheese will be America's top turkey, then both birds will travel to their new home: a farm in Virginia.  Full Article  

Honeymoon interrupted as disorderly Brit hauled off plane in Bermuda Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014 

HAMILTON, Bermuda (Reuters) - A British man headed to his honeymoon on a Cuba-bound flight instead found himself grounded in Bermuda after drunkenly threatening the flight crew, with his wife continuing on to Cuba without him, authorities in Bermuda said on Tuesday.  Full Article  

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