Oddly Enough

Shaun the sheep, when shorn, may turn out to be world's woolliest 05:09 GMT

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Two Australian farmers say that they may have found the world’s woolliest sheep, whose estimated 25 kg (55 lb) coat, if confirmed, could shatter the world record currently held by neighbouring New Zealand.  Full Article

From Texas, where everything is bigger, the 99-pack of beer 04:40 GMT 

AUSTIN Texas (Reuters) - Beer packaging has just gotten a lot bigger in Texas, where a small brewery is launching a 99-pack of its "Peacemaker" ale.  Full Article  

Australian plane makes emergency landing after elderly passenger seizes controls Tuesday, 26 Aug 2014 

SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian pilot made an emergency landing after wresting back the controls of his light aircraft from an 82-year-old passenger who grabbed them midflight, the aircraft's charter company said.  Full Article  

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