Oddly Enough

In India, rice replaces ice in bucket challenge Friday, 29 Aug 2014

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The famous "ice bucket" challenge is inspiring thousands of Indians to follow suit, but with a twist - they are replacing ice with rice in a bid to help the country's vast population of poor, hungry people.  Full Article

Singaporeans go barking mad over bid to silence dogs Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A suggestion by Singapore's public housing authority that owners of noisy dogs consider "debarking" their pets to avoid inconveniencing neighbours has raised animal lovers' hackles in the city-state and prompted much ridicule on social media.  Full Article  

Shaun the sheep, when shorn, may turn out to be world's woolliest Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Two Australian farmers say that they may have found the world’s woolliest sheep, whose estimated 25 kg (55 lb) coat, if confirmed, could shatter the world record currently held by neighbouring New Zealand.  Full Article  |  Video  

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