Oddly Enough


'The ducks have won': French court says they may keep on quacking Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019

DAX, France (Reuters) - The ducks on a small French smallholding may carry on quacking, a French court ruled on Tuesday, rejecting a neighbor's complaint that the birds' racket was making their life a misery.  Full Article   |  Video

Philippine students turn littered dog poo into bricks Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019 

MANILA (Reuters) - A group of secondary school students in the Philippines has found a way to convert poo from stray dogs into a mixture for bricks, aiming to rid city streets of excrement and potentially even lower construction costs.  Full Article  |  Video  

Poppy-stealing pigeon offers poignant reminder of war anniversary Friday, 8 Nov 2019 

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - A pigeon has been pinching poppies from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Australia's national war memorial in Canberra and using them to build a colorful nest in the lead-up to Remembrance Day commemorations.  Full Article  

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