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Tropical cyclone hits Somaliland killing at least 15 people-governor 07:39 GMT

BOSASO, Somalia (Reuters) - At least 15 people have died in Somaliland after heavy rains caused by tropical cyclone Sagar which landed in the Horn of Africa over the weekend.  Full Article

Boat adrift with two dozen African migrants rescued off Brazil coast 07:55 GMT 

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - A boat with two dozen migrants from West Africa was rescued off the coast of northern Brazil, officials from the state of Maranhão said on Sunday.  Full Article  

Don't neglect to pay the middleman: How Shell and Eni ended up on trial 07:57 GMT 

LONDON (Reuters) - Seven years ago, two middlemen launched civil lawsuits to seek payment for helping arrange a $1.3 billion oil deal in Nigeria.  Full Article  

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