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First Ethiopian flight in 20 years lands to cheers in Eritrea 11:39 GMT

ASMARA (Reuters) - The first flight in 20 years from Ethiopia to Eritrea landed safely in Asmara on Wednesday, to be greeted by traditional dancers waving flags and flowers, cementing a stunning reconciliation between the Horn of Africa foes.  Full Article

Ethiopia says reforms "to unleash private sector" 09:14 GMT 

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia is open to selling off a host of state-owned firms, either partially or entirely, as part of a major economic reform drive designed to "unleash the potential of the private sector", its information minister said on Wednesday.  Full Article  

Obama says world should resist cynicism over rise of strongmen 07:28 GMT 

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Barack Obama said on Tuesday the world should resist cynicism over the rise of strongmen, in an apparent reference to populist leaders who hold power in a number of countries.  Full Article  

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