Exclusive: Britain wins early European support for Hormuz naval mission 19:55 GMT

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - France, Italy and Denmark gave initial support for a British plan for a European-led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the Strait of Hormuz, proposed after Iran's seizure of a British-flagged tanker, three senior EU diplomats said on Tuesday.  Full Article

First Russian-Chinese air patrol in Asia-Pacific draws shots from South Korea 20:01 GMT 

MOSCOW/SEOUL (Reuters) - Russia carried out what it said was its first long-range joint air patrol in the Asia-Pacific region with China on Tuesday, a mission that triggered hundreds of warning shots, according to South Korean officials, and a strong protest from Japan.  Full Article  |  Video  

EgyptAir executive says no 'logical reason' for British Airways cancellations to Cairo 19:30 GMT 

EVERETT, Wash. (Reuters) - An executive of state-owned EgyptAir said on Tuesday that British Airways' decision to suspend flights to Cairo, the Egyptian capital, for several days was "without a logical reason."  Full Article  

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